River Region View

River looks very calm. But this river can take life for a moments mistake. Very very strong under current exists.

This Type of Activity May Take Your Life

The rocks are very much slippery. Accidents may occur at any moment. Last year more than 200 students died.

Turbulence Present Every Where

Powerful turbulence inside water with downwards motion makes escape chance rare.

Remote Area With No Rescue Arrangements

The River flows through the forest area previously under Virappan Raaj. So no security and rescue arrangements presents.

Death Rally Increases Everyday

Less information about the river nature are responsible for maximum death cases.


An Appeal From Sahil Jalan’s Relatives & Family

We have lost Sahil, but I want to share this story as it may save few lives and many connected lives.

Sahil was a bright intelligent student in IIT Kharagpur. On 23rd February at around 10 pm Sahil last spoke with him mother, asking about the day spent and if everything was good at home. Sahil and his classmates, around ten of them, had been planning a trip to Sangam and Mekedatu for around two weeks but nothing concrete had been planned.before_trekking Earlier that day some of his friends cancelled the trip to Sangam as it was dangerous place. Probably Sahil did not know that the place was so dangerous that it could take his life.

At around 11pm Sahil and some of his friends decided to visit Mekedatu and Sangam. Time wasn’t right to call at home, and the next morning at 6 am he had to catch the bus with his friends to Sangam. Sahil and his friends reaced Sangam and played sometime in water which is of a few feet depth. Then they started to move towards Mekedatu which is few Kilometres away from Sangam. But they missed the bus and decided to walk along the river Akravati to Mekedatu. Sahil was walking along the road to look if any bus was coming. Since the terrain was rocky they grew tired after walking a few Kilometres and decided to have eat something, which they brought from home, on the bank of the river. Sahil started walking towards the other friends, and moved a couple of steps in water which was of about knee depth. Suddenly he slipped, one of his friends who was closest to him tried to catch him but he couldn’t. Since this friend did not know swimming so he did not go ahead. One friend who before accidentknew swimming dived, and got hold of Sahil, but was herself drowning and could not save Sahil. Sahil has not been found thereafter and we pray that his soul rests in peace.
The terrain of the river is uneven and there are big crests and troughs in the bed of the river. The spot at which Sahil drowned, water is so shallow that nobody would imagine that somebody can drown here. But there is high underwater current and depth of water increases suddenly. We hope that this website creates awareness about this place and people are careful before visiting such places.

Sahil Jalan Tragedy Case

sahil jalan

Sangama, Mekedatu and Mutthatti are some famous picnic spots among people of Banglore. The place is inside forest area.

Makedatu is the place where river Cauvery met Akravati river. The water looks very innocent. But actually it is very dangerous.  This place is 95 Km away from Bangalore City. Limited Bus Communication available. The forest is filled with various wild animals. This simple looking river already taken more than 250 lives over the past one year. Maximum of them are students and some of them are tourists. Innocent look, strong under water current and lack of knowledge about the river mainly responsible for this cases. It is advised to avoid this place or always go with experienced guide.

The family of Sahil Jalan, a student of IIT Kharagpur is hoping against hope, to find him after he was swept away in the Cauvery River on 23rd February, 2014. This student went there for his internship.  On 23 February in a sunday picnic near Sangam Falls like many others, the friend group slowly & carefully went into the knee deep water. And then in the next flash of a moment accidentthat incident occoured. Sahil slipped suddenly and failed to recover. A few seconds later he was seen 3 meters away but went down into the river and never came up. Local Police Force, NDMF as well as IAF choppers were deployed in search of the body but nothing found. A  25 member strong Disaster Response Force who were experienced in Uttakhand Disaster Relief also failed. Commandant Sh. Parshant Dhar of 10th Bn NDRF, Mangalagiri, Vijaywara(AP) helped a lot in this operation.

Terrain seems to be Rocky in nature and zig zag too, moving boat seems difficult there. After such all out efforts his body not found. His relatives and family issued a missing diary to the police. Also the have given missing advertisement in the local newspaper. We pray his soul rests in peace.


Bangalore student drowns in Mandya waterfalls on February 27,2014

Balmuri Falls

A 20-year-old student from Christ University in Bangalore drowned in Balmuri Falls in Mandya district on 27-02-2014 ,Thursday afternoon.

According to police, Sameer Roy, a second-year BCom student, had gone with 10 of his friends to Balmuri Falls, a tourist attraction 138 km from here, for a picnic. They reached the Falls in a private vehicle around 2.30pm on Thursday.

Around 3.30pm, some members of the group got into the water for a swim. Sameer swam some distance and drowned while returning to the banks.

His friends cried for help and alerted locals, who in turn informed police. Rescue workers fished out the body after an hour-long search.

Police officers said the boy’s family has been informed. His father Sanjeev Roy, a doctor in Patna, has left for Bangalore. Officers said they are in touch with Sameer’s brother, who stays in Bangalore.

Classmates of Sameer came to know about the tragedy late on Thursday as the college was closed for Shivaratri.

Ref: Times of India

Sahil Jalan’s Incident: Sister’s Appeal

On 23rd of February 2014 , my brother Sahil Jalan aged 22, resident of Guwahati, paltan Bazar, Student of Maharishi Vidya Mandir Sipukhuri & currently studying at IIT Kharagpur(4th Year), went for a trip to Mekedaatu falls & Sangam Falls, Karnataka. During his trip from Sangam to Mekedaatu he was drowned in the waters due the negligence of the tourism department of Karnataka.

Hence please help us in creating awareness among the people of India, so that they help us filing a petition to the government and making it successful so that safety measures are taken to save lifes in the area since there were three more deaths after Sahil’s incident in the same area.

We have also filed a petition via Change .org which is getting signed but in a very slow process.

The entire details of the incident is mentioned in the below links

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Please see the above links and help & guide us to do something for him which may make his soul rest at peace.
We also have several pictures & videos of the NDRF team , IAF choppers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle working on the site for his rescue for around 7 days. We also have the copy of the FIR of the Sathnur, Kanakpura police station and statements of his friend who were present on the site.

Sahil was a very capable and bright student. A to be responsible citizen of India, an asset to the country. Moreover he was a candle in the darkness for our family. My family is in a complete shock and unable to recover since then.


Barsha Jalan
Chartered Accountant
Sister of Sahil Jalan